Domestic Freight AND Transporation

Indonesia’s government is currently giving their biggest effort building infrastructure to connect island and cities especially in rural area far from Java Island however the project may take another decade for us to see the realisation.

In the meantime there is no shortcut to set up fast and reliable distribution channel. In PT Anagatra Ekspres Logistik we extend our wings and make friend with all stake holder in this industry to connect the chains and enable our delivery on time at the balance of cost efficiency.

It is a big nation and we proud of it, but at the same time it is also the biggest challenge for local freight forwarders to connect the islands seamlessly. We have to say thanks to aviation industry that has been improved tremendously for the last decade in the country, thus empower us more to deliver faster than ever.

We strike to balance cost efficiency and timely delivery in this effort and we are sure we will be part of your most valuable distribution chain in the next few years. Give us the chance and we’ll prove it.




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