Customs Brokerage

We want to be the pioneer to provide the most transparent, honest and reliable service in customs brokerage. We have heard about how importers are forced to pay under table money to avoid prolong process and continuous unexpected cost.

PT Anagatra Ekspres Logistik is taking part in Indonesia’s government effort to transform the face of Directorate General of Customs and Excise to be CLEAN, TRANSPARENT, FAST and RELIABLE. We try to eliminate all kind of misleading information and unexpected cost without official receipt. We do not tolerate any of our staff who make unofficial agreement with customs officer on the field.

Customs clearance in TJ Priok or Soekarno Hatta Airport is not as easy as Singapore or other advance country. As a big nation Indonesia has its own unique regulations and quite a long bureaucracy in their customs clearance process, however they all comes with advantages and disadvantages.

We love to share our knowledge by providing free consultation and full guidance. We will make sure you have all the documentations and license needed to import goods before execution day because store rent charges and re-export process can be a long and money wasting process.

For a start we would like to share a useful link. You can check based on product name or HS Code to make sure any additional Import Regulations, the tax and duty tariff and other preferential tariff. (bring your cursor to "Indonesia NTR" tab next to home icon then choose for HS Code information)

Whether you are using our service or other provider we wish nothing but smooth importation to Indonesia.




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