About Us

Company Background

Our company is originated from Indonesia. Established in 1990, we focus in providing the best service door to door between USA, Singapore and Indonesia. The services started from document delivery service gradually grow to parcels and odd size cargo or Bulky equipments.

In 2006, we decided to move our Headquarters to Singapore as we consider being the best hub to international countries. Efficiency in operational and international recognition is our main purposes.
Dedicated Door to door to Indonesia and Door to door to Jakarta
Today, besides our specialties service Singapore-Indonesia and USA-Indonesia, Anagatra Express Logistics (S) Pte Ltd (AEL) is establishing International Network and open wider range of services. We provide International Air and Sea Freight Services, Supply Chain Services and Relocation for expatriates between Indonesia and Singapore.
Dedicated Door to door to Indonesia and Door to door to Jakarta

Vision and Mission

Forwarding companies around the world will be the most important complementary for the success of free trade. Low price will not be the only competitive advantage thus we believe quality of service will take the first place in the competition.

With our selective agents around the Globe, we guaranty only first class services and competitive rate that our customers will receive.


Working toward customer's best interest
Take part in the success of global free trade


Maximising and improving the potential of each employee to compete with customer's expectation that ever growing.